Our thesis drives everything we do.

Our thesis drives everything we do.

Volta Circle invests in Circular Consumption, Regenerative Systems, and Human Wellbeing.

Circular Consumption.

Creating abundance without waste.

Investing across the value chain, to extend product lifecycles and to keep resources in the loop. We are biased towards scalable technologies that innovate within our planet’s boundaries.

  • Re-sale, rentals & closed-loop platforms
  • Advanced fibers & materials
  • Recycling tech & waste management
  • Sustainable production & packaging
  • End-to-end logistics & returns

Regenerative Systems.

Driving planet-positive development.

Volta Circle takes a systems-level approach to building a more sustainable and climate-secure food system. We are most excited by upstream value chain solutions that meet the challenges presented by a growing global population and shifting climate.

  • Precision farming technologies
  • Ingredients technologies
  • Alternative sustainable proteins
  • Enabling technologies for responsible food processing
  • Climate data & risk

Human Wellbeing.

Helping people thrive.

Volta Circle takes a holistic approach to fostering healthier, more inclusive, and equitable communities. We are particularly focused on leveraging technology solutions to drive access to high-quality, essential services across Healthcare, Education, and Finance.

  • Precision nutrition
  • Access to care
  • Under-funded healthcare sectors
  • Access to education
  • Financial inclusion