Our thesis drives everything we do.

Our thesis drives everything we do.

Volta Circle invests in Sustainable Food Systems, Responsible Consumption, and Better Living.

Sustainable Food Systems.

Feeding the world sustainably

We are most excited by upstream technology that addresses the challenge of feeding a growing population by targeting both human and planet health.

  • Functional, sustainable & clean ingredients
  • Metabolic health & better diets
  • Improving crop health
  • Supply chain disintermediation

Responsible Consumption.

Enabling responsible consumption

We invest across the value chain and are biased towards scalable tech that lowers environmental impact by reducing resource depletion, extending product life cycles and closing loops.

  • Re-commerce & rental solutions
  • Advanced fibers & materials
  • Waste management & recycling technology
  • Traceability & transparency solutions

Better Living.

Improving the quality of living

We back technology solutions that enhance the quality of life by increasing access to education and healthcare, and by improving the environment we live in.

  • Climate data & risk
  • Food as medicine
  • Online educational platforms
  • Sustainable mobility solutions