Unleashing the power
of circularity

Volta Circle invests in visionary brands and technologies that help us to live with purpose. In a world of limited resources, we partner with the ventures that create abundance without waste.
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    We are a value-led investment platform.
    We back ventures that are positioned where purpose meets profit.
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    Sharing a vision of collective prosperity.
    We are here to reshape the consumption-based economy.

Our investment thesis

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    We take a holistic and collaborative approach.
    Volta Circle invests in B2B and B2C ventures across consumer sectors; from commercially proven startups to growth stage ventures. We work alongside visionary founders and strategic co-investors to bring our shared vision to life.
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    Unleashing circularity.
    Circularity offers a unique lens to drive innovation, unlock meaningful value and produce outsized returns.
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    Entrepreneurs investing back into entrepreneurs.
    Our approach to investing has been shaped by our own experience of starting and scaling sustainable businesses — that’s why we do things differently.
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