Unleashing the power
of circularity

Volta Circle invests in breakthrough technologies and visionary brands that create abundance without waste, drive planet positive development, and help people thrive.
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    We are a thesis-driven investment platform.
    We back ventures across Circular Consumption, Regenerative Systems, and Human Wellbeing.
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    Here to change the narrative around how to leverage capital.
    We see outsized returns in solving the world’s greatest challenges.
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    By taking a systematic and collaborative approach.
    Volta Circle invests globally in enabling technologies across stages. We work alongside ambitious founders and strategic co-investors to bring our shared vision to life.
Volta Circle invests in Circular Consumption, Regenerative Systems, and Human Wellbeing.
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    Circular Consumption
    Investing across the value chain, to extend product lifecycles and to keep resources in the loop.
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    Regenerative Systems
    Accelerating a system-level approach to building a more sustainable and climate-secure food system.
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    Human Wellbeing
    Leading with a holistic approach to fostering healthier, more inclusive, and equitable communities.
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